Ask & Bid update

How can I get Live Ask & Bid data? There is no option in documentation


The Live data API enables users to fetch live market feed data via pull mode. The user may fetch data for one or more preferences in a single GET request.

The user may fetch packet with below modes:

  1. LTP Mode : In this mode user get Last Trade Price, Last Traded Quantity, Change percentage & absolute rupees and Last Traded Time
  2. QUOTE Mode: In this mode user get LTP Mode features and total buy/sell Quantity, OHCL, 52 week high/Low, Average price, volume etc
  3. FULL Mode: In this mode use get all the features of LTP & Quote mode along with Best 5 buy/bid Price and Best 5 Sell/Ask price and Quantity etc details

For Bid/Ask data you can use Full mode.