Historical API bug


URL: https://developer.paytmmoney.com/data/v1/price-charts/sym
BODY: {“cont”: false, “exchange”: “NSE”, “expiry”: null, “fromDate”: “2023-01-02”, “instType”: “ES”, “interval”: “MINUTE”, “monthId”: null, “series”: null, “strike”: null, “symbol”: “RELIANCE”, “toDate”: “2023-01-02”}

{“status”:404,“message”:“NOT FOUND”,“error_code”:“PM_OPEN_API_404”}

Question 1: Why am I not getting data?
Question 2: What are the possible values of INTERVAL ?
Question 3: Why there is different in one minute data using this API and Chart in PaytmMoney Web Dashboard values?
Question 4: How much past data can be retrieval for Stock, Future, and Options?

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Hi @tdmangukiya
Thanks for the feedback.
Answer 1: We will look into this and will keep you posted
Answer 2: As of now we are providing INTERVAL possible values as MINUTE and DAY.
Answer 3: There shouldn’t be any difference. We will look into this and will keep you posted.
Answer 4: Data is available from 1st jan 2017. However, in one API call for DAY interval max 90 days of data can be pulled and for MINUTE interval 7 days.


Question 1: Can we get Historical data for Futures and Options just like Stocks?
Question 2: At 31 Jan, 2023 1:35AM, I have made request to fetch data with below params from Historical API, facing 404 status code issue.


Hi @tdmangukiya

Below are the answers for your queries.

  1. We provide Historical data for Futures and Options as a contractwise and Continuous data for Futures.
  2. We found some gaps in our data. Please give us some time ti fix the same. We will keep you updated.

Hi @PaytmMoney

Any update on above mentioned bugs?

Hi @tdmangukiya
We found some gaps in the historical data. We are trying hard to solve the issue but unfortunately this is taking more time. We will keep you posted once the issue is solved. Meanwhile you may explore our Trading API and Broadcast API for Free!!


the historical data api is working for me
the body im using is

cont: "false"
exchange: "NSE"
fromDate: "2023-02-09"
instType: "I"
interval: "DAY"
symbol: "BANKNIFTY"
toDate: "2023-01-09"

Any update on this or timeline?

Hi @tdmangukiya Please note as of now we are not providing the historical data API. We will keep you posted whenever we launch the historical data api.