Email OTP issue

Hi All,

When I execute python code to get request token with “{api_key}&state={state_key}” this api, it open browser enter my credentials and move to next OTP page but I’m getting OTP only on mobile and not on registered email address, but if I copy same url in new page and enter credentials and when it move to next OTP page that time I receive OTP on both mobile and email.

Please suggest how do I manage?


Hi @yasheshlele
Ideally this should not happen, we request you to try again. If you still face the same issue kindly send the time at which you do the activity and share screenshots/recordings along with your registered email id/phone number to We will check this out.

Thank you Sir for your prompt reply. I have sent a video link that I am facing challenge. with email OTP.

Hello Sir,

is there any update? I already sent an email with video link.

I tried with TOTP as well still its asking me for OTP on mobile or gmail. seems when I click on same link manually at that time it is asking me for TOTP.

to much confusion.

Now I’m getting OTP breach error while executing APIs.

Hi @yasheshlele
Hope meet with our team yesterday helped you understand and resolve the issue, if you still face any issue feel free to reach us out again.

yeah as mentioned I tried with cookies as well but it seems same result.

Hello, @yasheshlele @PaytmMoney Did you find any workaround for this, im also encountering the same issue.