Paytm money API issue

When I am trying to use login API of paytm money, not getting desired response, please guide me to resolve this issue so that I can use APIs for my platform.

Hi @stuti001,

The Paytm Money API login flow starts by navigating to the below public Paytm Money API endpoint.{api_key}&state={state_key} A successful login comes back with a request_token as a URL query parameter to the redirect URL (Return URL) registered on the developer portal when creating the api_key.

  1. Navigate to the above Paytm Money API login page with the api_key
  2. A successful login comes back with a request_token to the registered redirect URL / Return URL
  3. After receiving the request_token you have to generate access_token as explained in the Generate Access Token section

For more details, please refer our Api Docs

I am unable to login successfully using apiKey

can we connect through call?

Can you please share your curl command for the request which you are trying?{api_key}&state={state_key}

At which point you are facing issue? At the passcode window or not getting requestToken?

Please share the issue?

not getting request token
I only used apiKey not state

state is optional only apiKey is required, no issue in that.

You will receive your requestToken in url as queryParam. For eg :

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Ok thankyou for your support

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iam generate api using 127when i use expl and run file i got this error
Exception has occurred: AttributeError
{“status”:400,“error_code”:“PM_MERCHANT_AUTH_400607”,“message”:“Invalid Api Key or Api Secret Key or Request Token”}
File “C:\Users\himan\OneDrive\Desktop\algo\pyPMClient\examples\pmClient\”, line 20, in api_call_helper
raise AttributeError(response.text)
File “C:\Users\himan\OneDrive\Desktop\algo\pyPMClient\examples\pmClient\”, line 61, in generate_session
response = ApiService.api_call_helper(self, “access_token”, Requests.POST, None, request_body)
File “C:\Users\himan\OneDrive\Desktop\algo\pyPMClient\examples\”, line 7, in

Hi @himanshu

Please verify your apiKey and apiSecret it should be the same for which you created requestToken. Also requestToken validity is 30 minutes, so if you will be trying to generate tokens after 30 minutes it will give give you an error.

Please refer our API Docs for more details.

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hi Sachin ji,
iam getting same error API key and api secret key are okk and request token is ok , but get error

Sachin ji how to generate State key , please help me in this.

Hi @himanshu

A request token can be used only once to generate tokens, after that request token is invalidated.

Please try once to generate tokens within 30 mins of creation of requestToken. If you face any error, share exact time when error occurred.

Also once tokens generated use the set method of specific tokens to set them and don’t call the generate session again and again. It can also cause 400 error.

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