Sensex Option Chain Data

Hi, I’m unable to get SENSEX Option Chain data.
I’m attaching the error snippet here. Please help

ce_df=pm.get_option_chain(“CALL”, “SENSEX”, “22-09-2023”)[‘data’][‘results’]

File “C:\Users\ashwi\Codes\pyPMClient-master\pmClient\”, line 495, in get_option_chain
return ApiService.api_call_helper(self, ‘option_chain’, Requests.GET, params, None)

File “C:\Users\ashwi\Codes\pyPMClient-master\pmClient\”, line 22, in api_call_helper
raise Exception(response.text)

Exception: {“status”:404,“message”:“Records not found”,“error_code”:“PM_OPEN_API_404”}

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Hello @Ashwin,

The “SENSEX” is an invalid symbol. Please verify the symbol using one of the following methods:

  1. Using the pyPMClient Method: Use the
    method to get the symbol configuration.
  2. Option Chain Config API:
    Check the documentation: Option Chain Config API Documentation.

The response will return the expiration date for the correct symbol.

Currently we are not supporting BSE FO, we are working on the same and it will be available soon.

Till when can we expect BSE FO segment to be available on the platform?

You can’t expect BSE FO in current version of Paytm but sooner or later it will be introduced in Paytm until then you can learn from our website