Through which API I can fetch my Pending Orders and Tradebook?

Which API I have to use to fetch Pending Orders & Trade book?

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To get the Pending orders use “Order-Book API” and to fetch Tradebook use “Trade Details API”.

Order-Book API Use Case: Order-Book API lets users retrieve all orders requested in a day with their last updated status. This API will give the logged-in users orders for the specific merchant (platform ) only. For example, Orders 1 & 2 are placed from Paytm Mobile App and orders 3 & 4 are placed from your custom application. In this case, you will only get order details for orders 3 and 4.

Trade Details API Use Case: Trade Details API helps fetch details of all trades executed in a day

To get the Pending orders:
Order-Book API Doc Url -
To Fetch Tradebook:
Trade Details API Doc Url -