Support of get-holdings-transaction-details api

Hello Team,

Currently my app needs to know when share was bought.
user-holdings-data-api gives information about the holding, but when they were bought is missing.

get-holdings-transaction-details api can provide that information but currently not supported, as not found in API documentation.

I thought to fetch all orders and then map those with holding, but that order-book or order api gives orders for one day only, which is not useful.

Any workaround to fetch date of holding?

Hi @codeofnode
Thanks for the showing interest in Paytm Money API.
I hope you are looking for Date of stock bought along with Qty, Buy Price etc. This feature we have in Paytm Money Mobile app and web but we dont have this feature in Open API. We will check the feasibility and try to bring this feature in open api in the future.