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Can we have some kind of groupings for our mutual fund portfolios or funds so that we can group few funds as investments say for New Car , Education etc and map this goals/groups to MFs. Ofcourse should be able to track goals.

Ex :
Group 1 (New Car)

  • Target (7L)
  • Duration - 2yrs
  • I would want to invest in High-Risk Funds since this is a short-term
  • May be 3 MFs (A, B, C)

Gola 2 (Home Furniture)

  • Target (30L)
  • Duration - 5yrs
  • I would want here medium-risk funds for long-term
  • May be 5 MFs (A, P, Q, R, S)

Goal 3 (Retirement)

  • Target (2cr)
  • Duration - 30yrs
  • I would want here low-to-medium-risk funds
  • May be 5 MFs (P, Q, X, Y, Z)

Note: See how 1 MF can be part of multiple goals. Need some mechanism to “Tag” SIP against the Goal