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A trading API, as the name suggests, allows users to interact with trading systems. More specifically, allows users to integrate their own trading system with Paytm Money Trading Platform for placing orders, monitoring your positions, managing your portfolio and much more. These API’s can be used to develop innovative trading and investment platforms.

I am currently facing an issue with API authorization for accounts other than mine. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to authorize the API for these accounts. The resulting message from the login page displays "User not allowed ".

Any advice or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone who is having this same issue, this is the reply I received from one of the PaytmMoney team member:

Every user has to create their OWN API key and Secret.

Each API Key & Secret will be mapped to each unique user account. User 1 API Key and Secret cant be used to login User 2 account.