BracketOrder Details Showing Incorrect in paytmMoney APP when triggered from API

@PaytmMoney I have triggered Bracket Order Buy through API with orderType as ‘SL’. but when i see in app I dont see any trigger price, stop loss value and profit value details. attached the screenshot. and below is the request message.

“source”: “N”,

“txn_type”: “B”,

“exchange”: “NSE”,

“segment”: “E”,

“product”: “B”,

“security_id”: “3456”,

“quantity”: 2,

“validity”: “DAY”,

“order_type”: “SL”,

“price”: 801,


“profit_value”: 4,

“stoploss_value”: 2


bracket order issue

Hi @15venkatsai ,

Stop Loss and Target orders are automatically generated once the parent order (leg_no: 1 [Parent]) is executed. You should be able to view two corresponding child orders (leg_no: 2 [Stoploss] & leg_no: 3 [Target]) in the order book.

Feel free to check the order book for these details, and if you have any further questions, please let me know.

Best regards,