Get_gtt_v2 from Python Client returning wrong response

I Have an OCO gtt order, where the Target was triggered actually,
However while querying from python client . it shows as the SL has been triggered.
@PaytmMoney can someone help me with this.

Acutally triggered (Target):
At 1:26 PM NIFTY 18 APR 22200 CALL - 250 quantity at 88.25

response from python client:

@PaytmMoney can someone help me with this

Hi @mk98 ,

According to our records, your stop-loss trigger price was 72.9, and your target trigger price was 103.

At 1:26 PM, the market experienced considerable volatility, with prices fluctuating between a high of 104.45 and a low of 71.6. Amidst this volatility, the stop-loss condition of the order was indeed triggered first, likely due to rapid price changes. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that despite the stop-loss being activated, the sell order was executed at a higher price than expected.