When updating order through api

Updating orders through API is only allowing for one time,

If I try to update SL order details through API it returns with error

At this time order was still in progress was able to see on the Paytm applications
Here is the response:
{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Order Status Is Changed”,“data”:[{“oms_error_code”:“3312”}],“error_code”:“RS-0022”}

was supposed to to update the pending order SL order trigger price and price for updating stoploss nothing else values modified.

it allow me to do update for only once from 2 nd attempt not able to.

Hello @9405052898 ,

Please obtain the most recent “serial_no” from the order book API, as specified in the following documentation: https://developer.paytmmoney.com/docs/api/order-book-all-orders/

The “serial_no” is subject to change with each order update, so it’s important to consistently utilize the updated “serial_no” in modification requests.

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