User not allowed

When user trying to login a error showing : User not allowed

Hi @sanjoy.dasgupta
HTTP status 403 User Not allowed error is given from our side in case the API key does not belong to the user. Please make sure that you are sending the correct API key

So, I need to create separate api key for every user using my platform? How this possible? Is this possible via api?

@sanjoy.dasgupta You can create seperate api key for every user if you are working individual or you can contact to product team to register as a organisation so they can provide single API key for your every user.

Let me clear. I’m building where user can login with PayTm and place order from my panel to PayTm. So for that I need 1 api key by which every user can login to my panel. So How can I contact product team?

How to contact product team to get registered as organization?

You can sent mail on this email id

I mailed, But still no response.

Hi @sanjoy.dasgupta
Your every user have to visit our Open API portal and create API. This will be one time task for them.

In your application keep a space where every individual user can give input as a API Key & API secret. After that you can create login URL ({user api_key} ) and ask user to login.