Volume and last traded quantities and ohlc are wrong in websocket

volume and last traded quantities and ohlc are wrong in websocket. it is not even changing most of the times except the price. and time.
no way to get volume, quantities traded.

Hi @rajilesh
We are looking into this. In the meantime, it would be really helpful if you could share the scrip id for which you are facing this issue.

Hi @rajilesh
We checked this on our side for several scrips and everything is working fine.
Please share the scrips for which you are facing this issue so that we can debug it further.

Its wrong for scrips ID - 25, BANK NIFTY

Hi @adityatoke, we have tested on our side for scrip ID 25 (BANK NIFTY). Volume and Last Traded Quantity fields are not available as BANK NIFTY is not tradable and OHLC is getting correctly updated. Please find below the websocket streaming doc for reference -

Hi @rajilesh
Thank you for mentioning the scrip. We are debugging this on our side and will update you about this soon.

We dont provide OHLC for every minute or any custom timing. We provide OHLC for a day. Whenever High or Low change we update.

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okay. thanks for the reply